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Kink-Aware Professional and BDSM: being able to speak openly – without excluding sexuality or lifestyle.

What does "Kink-Aware Professional" (KAP) actually mean? The association, where I am listed as KAP, describes this specialization as follows:

"Kink-Aware-Professional is the term used to describe experts who are well acquainted with the topic of BDSM (...) and the corresponding problems. (...) Life and social counselors, as Kink-Aware Professionals, offer a particularly protected space in which you can talk openly about problems in love, partnership and profession without excluding sexuality that you or others think is off the norm." Even if openness to extended sexuality as a KAP does not mean that the counseling experts themselves belong to the corresponding subculture or other forms, a certain expertise on the part of the counselors in the area of BDSM as a form of life, love or pleasure is of central importance for many clients.

BDSM as a test of endurance – for oneself or the relationship

For many people the topic of BDSM is an extremely sensitive one. I offer you an appreciative, protected and confidential space in which you can address your concerns, worries or problems around extended sexual desires or alternative lifestyles at your own pace.

This is of central importance insofar as the play with dominance and submission as well as pain and pleasure can repeatedly confront people with moving life questions or also unsettle them. And not just since Shades of Grey.

Possible topics for counseling in the Kink-Aware Professional area

  • If you are not clear whether and how you want to realize your fantasies in reality.
  • If you have no real experience with the topic of BDSM and the many offers and advice that can be found on the Internet confuse you.
  • If your need for BDSM changes and you are insecure in your erotic identity.
  • If you cannot cope alone with a stressful experience in the field of BDSM - for example a so-called "crash".
  • If your inclination grows over your head and you are worried that you will no longer be able to control it.
  • If the desire to fulfill your fantasies keeps tempting you to have flings and you struggle with inner reproaches afterwards.

Kink-Aware Professional with BDSM as a topic in couples counseling

Of the lustful fascination of the beginning, the unbridled passion of the first meetings, only a fraction remains since an initially fleeting play relationship has turned into a deep love affair? Or maybe both of you have discovered your or one of you has discovered his or her preference for playing with power and submission and now the question is how to integrate this desire into your possibly long-term relationship? These two aspects are among the most common issues when couples seek out a Kink-Aware Professional for couples counseling. In couples counseling, as a KAP, I offer you a protected setting in which you can openly address what may be a central part of your couple relationship. In my practice, a protected setting means, apart from the obligation of confidentiality, that I offer you both the space to talk openly and, above all, with new dynamics about your common issues, so that new perspectives become possible. In doing so, I make sure that both of you can stay well within yourselves on the one hand and that each of you has the same amount of time to speak in order to find a new way together. Since lived BDSM or the desire or the different needs for it have an influence on the couple dynamics, it goes without saying that this topic area also gets the space in the counseling that you both attach to it.

Possible topics for couples counseling for couples in the world of BDSM

  • Both or one of you would like to approach the topic - but you are unsure how it will affect your relationship.
  • Are you living in a BDSM-heavy relationship, have or perhaps had a desire to live D/s 24/7, and notice that the couple dynamic between you is continually strained?
  • Everyday relationship life is shaping up in such a way that lustfully lived sexuality, extended sessions or elaborate enactments are increasingly losing space, causing frustration to set in.
  • "False" consideration - the tension between a desired power imbalance and the need for eye level.
  • Different wishes and needs, excessive demands and the big issue of trust.
  • All other - even everyday - couple problems that repeatedly lead to conflicts and for which you are looking for solutions in a consultation, without excluding the topic of BDSM, should it become relevant to your concern.

Find (again) a relaxed way of dealing with your life and love issues - both in individual counseling and in couples counseling. 

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