Parental counseling before divorce in Vienna

According to § 95 para 1a AußStrG about the specific needs of your minor children resulting from the divorce.

Because you will always remain connected as parents, even if you part ways as a couple."

What is mandatory parental counseling before divorce according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG?

Parental counseling is a mandatory counseling that all couples who have minor children together and want to divorce by mutual consent must take advantage of. Unlike couples counseling (link), pre-divorce parenting counseling is not primarily about the issues that are affecting or stressing you as a couple in the course of the divorce. It is a counseling session in which you will receive valuable information about what your children need in this often challenging situation for all involved, and how you can work together as parents to identify and meet the specific needs of your minor children resulting from the divorce.

I offer counseling that is recognized by the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG for parents before an amicable divorce. 

From the obligation of parent counseling to the most worthwhile entity possible

Parenting counseling is by no means a one-sided form of instruction, but together we try to figure out how you can both be there for your children in your individual situations in the way you both want to be there as mom and dad. As a parenting consultant, I offer you expert support in this. Together we will see how to turn what may be an onerous counseling obligation for you into a unit as constructive as possible, from which you can take away content that is rewarding for you.

Parental counseling before divorce alone or together?

Parenting counseling can be taken by both of you in individual sessions or in the form of joint parenting counseling. Personally, I recommend the counseling option in a joint setting, as you are already giving each other a valuable sign that you want to pull together for the good of your child.

Why do you need parental counseling before the divorce?

As a mom and dad, you intuitively know what's best for your child. But especially in stressful and conflicted situations, you often don't trust your intuition very much and lose sight of certain dynamics. Especially in the wake of "such a big step," there are always things that can be easily missed. Especially when children actively put their own needs on the back burner in order not to add to the tense situation. Parental counseling therefore enables you to:

  • Uncover blind spots: a clearer view of dynamics in relation to your children.
  • Individualized info: Valuable information that is individualized to your situation.
  • Ideas for dealing with emotions: Solidified knowledge about how you as a parent want to handle your children's emotions.
  • Coping Tips: Sharing how you can best be there for your child and help them cope with their parents' separation.
  • Relief knowledge: information on what behaviors you can use to relieve your children.
  • Future orientation: support with questions and concerns about the future organization of everyday family life.

What you can expect in the mandatory parent counseling session

In principle, I always design a session individually. At the beginning, I survey your current actual situation so that I can refer exactly to your personal and often very special circumstances and advise you optimally in this regard. The consultations can therefore vary from parent to parent.

However, regardless of your individual situation, the following contents can be found secured in every parent consultation in the form of answers to these questions:

  • What difficulties, needs, feelings and inner conflicts of the children result from the divorce and the separation of the parents?
  • Why does the child experience the separation of the parents as a massive loss, although this may even lead to a significant relaxation of the actual situation?
  • What is the significance of the feelings of anger, shame, helplessness or fear in children in relation to the divorce of the parents?
  • How can you as parents succeed in giving your child the inner and outer consent to love both parents equally?
  • How will your child's right to contact and closeness with both of you be shaped in the future?
  • What effects does it have on children when they witness devaluations, maliciousness or insults about the other parent?
  • How do children grieve and what possible mechanisms do they use to process the divorce of their parents?
  • How can you understand these processes and support your child?
  • What do you need as a parent to be there for your child during and after the divorce?

What is the procedure of parental counseling according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG?

Here you will find the most important points about the process of parental counseling:

  • Parental counseling takes place in my practice at Belvederegasse 34/2 in Vienna's fourth district.
  • You can make an appointment by phone (0660/56 91 042) as well as by e-mail (
  • You will receive a confirmation by mail afterwards.
  • I offer individual parent counseling in a 60-minute session.
  • Joint parent counseling takes place exclusively in at least a 90-minute session.
  • At the beginning of the parenting consultation, I will clarify any organizational matters with you before we turn our attention to your individual situation and the needs of your children.
  • We then discuss your personal concerns regarding your joint children in such a way that we relate the valuable content regarding the children's needs to your personal family situation.
  • I am committed to confidentiality about the content discussed.
  • At the end of the session, you will receive both the fee note, payable in cash on the spot in the case of parent counseling, and a confirmation of the counseling for submission to your district court.

Please do not confuse parental counseling according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG with couple counseling in times of separation. You can find out more about the latter here. Although your individual situation will of course be included in the counseling, parental counseling should primarily deal with the issues and contents that have consequences for your child and not with the simple clarification of relationship issues between you, in which we lose sight of the needs of your children. At the same time, I am neither qualified nor authorized to give information of a legal nature.

What qualifies me as a parenting consultant § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG

Like other certified parent counselors according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG, I am also qualified by the assessment of the expert commission, which determined my suitability as a counselor of parents according to § 95 Abs. 1a AußStrG with regard to the required quality standards in the area of professional qualifications such as basic profession, additional qualifications, professional experience and the supervision.

In addition, as a counselor, I also bring with me:

  • Couple dynamics: experience with the special requirements of counseling couples.
  • Family dynamics: basic systemic training in family constellations
  • Psychodynamics: An eye for many different psychosocial factors that play into different (conflict) situations.
  • Authenticity: An emphatic, appreciative, cordial, honest and sometimes humorous way of working, which I continuously develop in regular training sessions.
  • Clarity: A common thread in the conversation, which you can ideally keep up with as the conversation progresses at home.

In which languages is parental counseling before divorce offered in Vienna?

I offer parental counseling in the following languages:
  • German
  • English

Divorce? These are the costs for parent counseling

The costs of parent counseling before a divorce correspond to my regular counseling fee:

  • The single unit of 60 minutes costs 85,- € including VAT.
  • The couple counseling session of 90 minutes costs 156,- € including VAT.

Where in Vienna you can take advantage of pre-divorce counseling for parents

If the conditions in my practice are unfavorable for you or you would like to have another counselor, you can take advantage of pre-divorce parenting counseling with qualified professionals throughout Vienna. You can find a list of all recognized counselors here

When making an appointment, please make absolutely sure that the person with whom you would like to take advantage of parental counseling is officially recognized. If in doubt, ask for the relevant certificate – this is the only way to ensure that the counseling is valid for presentation to the court. 

Divorce: Make an appointment in Vienna for parenting advice 

Here you will find all my contact details. Feel free to make your personal appointment for parent counseling. To make an appointment, simply call me at 0660/56 91 042 or send me an e-mail at

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